Shymala Dason is an Indian-Malaysian American writer, a Bennington College alumna and a former NASA consultant, and also (always in there somewhere) a Kuala Lumpur girl. Her writing has appeared in The Massachusetts Review, the Asian American Writers Workshop’s Topography of WarVoices of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Experience, DuendeMarion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, et al. She is also co-author on various scientific papers from her NASA days.

She was a finalist for the 2015 Flannery O’Connor Award. Terrorist-ish, which can be read online at the AAWW journal The Margins, is part of that shortlisted collection. She is  working on a turn-of-the-millennium Malaysian global diaspora novel about the dotcom and post 9/11 race violence, as well as a novel about WWII Japanese-Occupied Malaya and the Girls’ Army.

She offers manuscript critique services, i.e. analysis and revision advice, for fiction as well as scientific and technical work.