Tim O’Reilly on SOPA and PIPA

Remembering the stack of O’Reilly books in every bookstore, it seems reasonable to give TIm O’Reilly’s opinion on SOPA and PIPA a hearing. (This isn’t politics, it’s information):

… I found myself profoundly disturbed by something that seems to me to go to the root of the problem in Washington: the failure to correctly diagnose the problem we are trying to solve, but instead to accept, seemingly uncritically, the claims of various interest groups.

It is said (though I’ve not found the source) that Einstein once remarked that if given 60 minutes to save the world, he would spend 55 of them defining the problem. And defining the problem means collecting and studying real evidence, not the overblown claims of an industry that has fought the introduction of every new technology that has turned out, in the end, to grow their business rather than threaten it.

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