This old house

Moving tomorrow. candles and crossed fingers please. Rather a lot to do in many areas. Inshallah. No wifi till at least Saturday afternoon, so…

3/1, 9am: Movers have been and gone. 300 shelves/closets to wipe out and then I can unpack.

3/2, 6am: Would prefer a massage to more cleaning and unpacking. However…

3/2, 11:30am:  OK, I am not crazy, and thank goodness for HEPA filter air-cleaners in the bedroom. The smell of musty old wood in the closet and the ‘dust’ are the result of parquet floors being sanded after the painting/plastering. Manly men with buckets have eliminated most (I hope!) of it. I was beginning to get ill.

3/3, 9am:  Ladies and gentlemen, I can hazz wifi now, as well as fresh paint and floor sealant fumes. This may turn into a home yet.

3/3, 11:30am:  Mounting curtain rods on plaster walls (old building!). Drywall construction would require anchors as well as screws. Anyone know about plaster?

3/3, 1:15pm:  Drilling is happening in my apartment. I am dizzy with excitement 🙂

3/3, 5:30pm: Continuing adventures 🙂 Curtains up in bedroom, parquet dust finally discovered lurking on baseboards and now out, I shall breathe better tonight. also glad I have so much hair, since I dropped a curtain rod on my head, standing on tiptoe and reaching up. I am way too short.

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