The next four years start now

Now that the Republicans control House, Senate, White House and Supreme Court, their agenda is going to play out. Anything that happens in the next four years can be laid at their door. It’s an appalling thought that we need to rise above.

We ‘liberals’ are supposed to be ‘soft’ and we will be expected to roll over and play dead or hang our heads in shame or something, and hide our politics. If we don’t do that, but instead use every opportunity to hold up a mirror to this government, and make sure that the people who voted as they did out of a concern about American family values is forced to see that the conservative agenda doesn’t value American families, there may be some hope for the future, and in particularly we will be able to face ourselves.

It’s also important to continue to reach outside the circle of talking to ourselves: every time a mother holds a bake sale because her son or daughter in Iraq needs body armor the government isn’t giving them, every local paper around should have letters saying, “See?” Every time a plant closes, and somebody trades a skilled union job to work for minimum wage in Burger King or WalMart, every time you hear a story about somebody being unable to afford health care, and so on.

Until tomorrow.

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