The meaning of OWS

The right to peaceably assemble must always be protected, simply, powerfully and rightfully so, by the people gathering in their masses. If a law or lawmakers or judges or police offend and oppress the people then new laws and new authority must be made manifest.

The people are the power of democracy and not any single judge or minority of policemen, or congress nor any president, king or chancellor holds any true power over the masses of the people. It is the people and only the people in their acts of reason and brave compassion who will ultimately be the protectors of their own rights and the rights of their children and the earth herself.

We are the true power of democracy. You are the true power of your democracy. Enact your power by gathering with the millions of others just like you. This act of gathering en masse, for the purpose of protecting peace is our only true moment of liberation. Together in our masses empowered by reason and liberty over oppression, we will become freedom. We will become liberty.

OWS Occupier and Brooklyn-based writer Victor Sheely.

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