The dust settles…or does it?

Must get more parquet dust removal assist. Worked on it some last evening and am feeling ill again now. How do construction people do it?

3/5, 7:30am:  Hah! Tipping the super yesterday was a good idea. And thank you, Emily, for the reminder. I would have forgotten. They will come wipe out the toxic dust closet, walls, 12′ ceiling and all, and I will hopefully be able to breathe normally again.

3/11, 6am: Anyone know an obsessive-compulsive handyman in Brooklyn? Someone who wipes ceilings and underneath shelves and might come out on a Sunday. There’s apparently still parquet dust in the closets.

3/11, 1pm: I have been in the closet again. Held my nose and this time the HEPA filter air cleaner only went up to orange. One more wipe down…

3/12, 9am: Dust conquered (more or less). In a few days I shall probably breathe better. Decisions to make now. Travel scheduled in 5 weeks and interesting opportunities but my inclination is to sit still till I know where the heck I am. Saw an announcement for an event in SoNo and thought, ‘That’s a familiar name, I wonder where it is?’ Realize it’s the place in Connecticut that I lived in for a year.

And now I need to remember the work I was thinking of when this dust saga began last week. So far it’s been 2 hours of pacing and a blank sheet of paper with doodles on it.

Tell me all about it...