Return from San Luis Obispo

1K miles driven under CA’s luminist skies. Ocean, coast, mountain and central valley in stunning vistas, intoxicating new-baby pheromones and fragrance of spit-up, mimosas in the night and robust western wine at the table with equally robust Chinese duck. An old friend’s embrace. A new friend’s sweetness. A sweetness of friends all round, in fact. I am refreshed.

And now the next lap…

The non-fairytale version … would also include: crossing the coastal mountains at dusk and dark, in the rain, with winds gusting to a gale, wiper blades that turned out to be worn (a borrowed car), brights that didn’t work, and getting desperately sleepy at the wheel. One would also have to remember the old friend’s parting embrace and – from the sublime to the ridiculous – much bad highway food.

2 thoughts on “Return from San Luis Obispo

    • thanks, Farrell! A pleasure to share this new journey with you. I’m not sure the gestalt of the blog doesn’t owe something to the journey in your paintings.

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