Medical Adventures

Due diligence and useless medical errands today. Doctors: “it’s probably change of life.” (The first time I heard that line, I was 35. At this point it’s a little more likely, but also something they seem to learn to say to any difficult to diagnose/treat female patient.)

1/13, 6pm: There is a nice bit of standup or a comedy skit in this:

Doctor: What are your symptoms?
Me: (lists 2 seriously pain-in-the-neck symptoms)

Doctor: But do you have x, or y, or z? (1st two symptoms apparently don’t fit into any easy decision tree)

Me: No.


Doctor: Well, we can do more tests.

Me: (at the receptionist’s window, writing large check)


Welcome to 21st century American medicine. I am almost certain the small-town GP’s of my childhood would have figured this out in a minute. I hazz vented now. Thanks for listening.

1/27, 9am: Med #1, very good. Med #2, very very bad and 2 days wasted in bad pain. Stopping same.

2/1 feb: 5pm:

Give Komen the Pink Slip: Five Ways to Support Women’s Health for All – News – GOOD

Until they restore Planned Parenthood funding, here’s other places donations can go. Meanwhile I think I might switch back to using Planned Parebthood for primary care as I did when I was a student. Think about it. They charge people who have insurance and this allows them to help those who don’t. And frankly, after my last round with doctors, I’d say Planned Parenthood would probably have done a better job than the ‘best’ Silicon Valley gyn I could hook up with.

2/1, 7pm: Extreme chili = endorphins to follow a chiropractor’s visit. Follow with extreme chocolate for a very happy back. Way better than analgesics.

2/2, 9am:

Komen Reverses Position On Planned Parenthood, Pledges To Continue Funding

Bending in the wind. Question is, will they switch directions again tomorrow? Seems just as well to simply give the money directly to Planned Parenthood or research funds where it’s clear what happens to the money. I have been spending a lot (!!!) of time recently in doctors’ offices, and Planned Parenthood is way ahead of most of them in the actual quality of care.

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