Hyphen/AAWW Contest trip

The Asian American Writers’ Workshop

New Yorkers: I’m in a reading at the Asian American Writers Workshop on 12/16 at 7 p.m.. If you’ve ever been curious about Asian American literature — or if you haven’t! I am reading a story about WW II in Japanese Occupied Malaya, complete with disemboweling and air-raids, also Chinese street opera, pre-war whisky, and illegal fish. Hope to see you there. It’s a good lineup. Hyphen/AAWW contest winners & finalists.

12/7, 8:30am: Inflight & I am very sleep deprived but: sunrise over the San Francisco Bay as one takes off from SFO, the water mirrored to such a surreal sheen it really was impossible at one point to tell water from sky, with the East Bay hills across the bay, deep reds climbing over the hills/mountains into the sky, and then layers of fog past that, in the folds of the hills, and then waves of desert beyond that… The world is strange and beautiful and I should get up early more often.

12/7, 6:45pm:  I’m in New York, in a tiny little girl space – who knew homes had gender? But they do. It’s not the least girly, but it’s totally girl. Barely larger than a teacup, but everything works perfectly. I can cook, dance, see myself in the mirror to execute technology, hang up a dress — and there’s this lovely visual singing. (Tomorrow I’ll be slept, and the posts will be less silly. Goodnight, world.)

12/10, 7:30pm: Today, a soothing afternoon of museums and cupcakes. Yesterday and the day before, an extremely un-soothing time of long train rides and even longer drives, to sort out the part of my life that got tossed in storage this summer when I got ill. Props to Joe McMahon for helping out with this idiotic process, and for sharing the rich, bubbling cold caught while standing around freezing back-of-beyond train stations. And I haven’t mentioned the getting rear-ended just before the cross-country flight… I am moving like an arthritic elephant. Time to dance now. And tomorrow, perhaps, time to catch up with what everyone else has been doing. Goodnight. Oh, and fyi: cupcakes are good for colds.

12/12, 11am: Pardon neglect of Internet duties. I am without WiFi. But have cannoli and Malaysian takeout.

12/16, 9am: 2011 Hyphen/AAWW Asian American Short Story Contest Reading – We are up in lights at Time Out New York: “Tonight, AsianAmerican WritersWorkshop: Timothy Tau, Shymala Dason, William Shih, Sameer Pandya,Sunil Yapa.”

12/16, 11:30pm: Gig is done, and some very cool and talented peers met. The agenda now is sleep.

12/17, 10:30pm: Just had the facts of life – many of them – explained to me by someone half my age. The lovely thing was, she was right

12/18, 4pm: Last evening in NYC. Packing. Looking forward to the next couple of laps – travel and visits with old friends and grappling with some new work – but I need to get back to NYC soon to stay. There are some people here I really love. (Naming no names to protect the easily embarrassed and the modest.)

12/18, 7pm:  In the spirit of saying that which more sensible souls would leave unsaid, it feels less than pleasant be leaving NYC tomorrow.

12/19, 10:45am: Stunningly bad airport Chinese food at JFK. A culinary equivalent of Red Sonia or a Roger Corman movie.

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