Dancing feet

One more week in CA to prep for getting self and stuff cross-country, Also for NZ trip, also… It’s getting interesting.

2/4, 10pm: TruthOut: it is perfectly possible to be able to dance with a sword on one’s head and then turn around and sprain an instep while falling out of a shoe. So now you know. Into every life a little embarrassment must fall.

2/5, 12pm: With a little help from my friends: trying to write a sensible proposal while packing to ship my stuff cross country while distracted by nonsense injuries and actually going to get it done because I know some smart and generous people.

2/7, 9am: Pinched nerve and I am still movement challenged. Trying to figure out if travel is possible on saturday. Must get over this tendency to get snake eyes when I roll the dice.

2/9, 2:30pm: 5th chiropractor visit in a week. He’s stopped charging me 🙂 I need to shake this and return you to your regularly scheduled babble. But meanwhile, did you know that taking every muscle relaxing amino acid… at the same time can make one feel quite loopy? No actual happy pills involved but I’m so relaxed I’d swear there had been a bottle of champagne somewhere.

2/12, 5am: In NY. Safe flight, quite pain free. Jammed things up again in a taxi where there wasn’t leg room enough for me and now contemplating the wonder of this (I’m only 5’3″). Several small kids on the flight. 2 year old introduced me to his shoe: held up his foot, pointed, and said, ‘shoe.’ We should all be so simple.

2/13, 2:30pm: First post-travel dance practice, gimpy leg and all. Baby practice, but good enough to remember who I am. In another 1/2 hour I can probably hazz shimmy.

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