Wetlands restoration area by the San Francisco Bay, walk-score: 1 great blue heron, many yellow-slippered & snowy egrets, California clapper rails, brown pelicans, mourning doves, 1 plump jackrabbit, curlews, coots, hooded mergansers, assorted ducks (mallards, and some sort of micro-mallard that shrank in the wash), dowitchers, some flavor of sandpiper, avocets, possibly snowy plovers, coots… Going back tomorrow with binoculars and telephoto lens and hope they’re all there again.

Best of: territorial argument between the great blue heron and a large snowy egret. Stares from the heron, a rather astonishing hoarse noise from the egret. Egret won. Have seen birds here before, but not quite so many at once. Only the cormorants seemed not to be out today.


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